The most important aspect of our meal preps is that they are good for your health.

We pride ourselves on having the most affordable meal prep service in AZ.

Not only are our meal preps healthy but they’re also incredibly delicious.

Our history

Plate Mate Meals has been in the game since 2016. Although we started in LA County, we are expanding to AZ as our next major city before taking our services nationwide so everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Our customers always come back for more because we offer a healthy alternative without forcing a sacrifice in taste. That has always been our motto and we plan to stick with it!


I been working out for around 3 years but one thing I never got right was how to meal prep properly. I would sometimes put too much carbs or too much protein that my macros would be so off. One day, a friend of my suggested me to try Plate Mate and let them calculate my needs for me so I can be on track towards my goal. This got me interested because I just want to get my meals correct. I made an order base on a meal for bulking cause I'm trying to get bigger. Wow, when I first tasted it, it was different than my normal meals. It tasted delicious and it even felt healthier since it was easy on my body; I did not feel bloated at all despite it being high calories.

thumb Rick T.

I don't work out much but I am an avid distance runner, and Plate Mate is literally perfect for a person like me. I don't have time to cook often and having so many options is a lifesaver. Anything is better than cooking meal prep chicken the same time a hundred week in a row. This stuff tastes like thanksgiving dinner, and I don't have to feel bad about eating it haha. The quality is high, and you can tell the ingredients are pretty fresh too. Above all else, they're portable. I can take these suckers to work unlike some of meals I've tried.

thumb Jarod A.

So glad I found Strength Food to prep my meals for me every other week. It helps me out so much with time since I am always on the go. James' customer service goes above and beyond...he answered all of the questions I had prior to ordering and he was exactly on time delivering my meals. There is a wide variety of protein, carbs, and veggies and you choose which combination you want packed to perfection. The food tastes great and is perfectly seasoned.

thumb Robin S.

This is an amazing food delivery service created and owned by a very knowledgeable young guy Hunter who does everything he can to accommodate his customers! He is a fitness enthusiast so he knows portion size and exactly the combination of food to supply your body with the fuel to build muscle or stay lean.....he does it all! The food is fantastic and cooked properly pickup or delivered right to your door at a reasonable price. You have to at least try it for a week and you will be hooked!

thumb Sheryl S.